Brick Masonry VS. Stone Masonry

Masonry is one of the most traditional construction methods known to human civilization. Every nation has significant structures that have stood until today which were built using masonry techniques. Buildings developed by masonry, specifically stone masonry, are durable to all sorts of weather and aren’t easily damaged by environmental forces. Also, reinforced masonry can resist hurricanes and other seismic forces.

Masonry is a method of putting and arranging one masonry unit, such as bricks, stones, and concrete blocks, with one another. It is a uniform manner of laying down concrete blocks to build an element of a building. Either way, bricks, and stones give buildings a timeless look.

But is it necessary to say that one is better than the other? Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell, as both stone and bricks have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of brick and stone masonry.

What Is Stone Masonry?

The creation of stones blended with mortar is called stone masonry. Stone masonry is a cost-effective material for constructing various building elements such as walls, arches, and pillars.

Stone-masonry is more durable and weather-resistant than brick masonry, which is why it is used to build piers, dams, and lighthouses.

Stone Mason. VS Brick Mason

What Is Brick Masonry?

Brick masons operate with brick, be it real, manufactured, or solid. Brick masons are also known as bricklayers. Common installations include chimneys and fireplaces, columns, walls, and patios.

The Pros of Stone Masonry

Stone is Durable

Many of the world’s oldest infrastructures and buildings are built from stone. Some buildings built from stone that are dated 5,000+ years ago are still standing strong today. 

Stone is Luxurious

Stone gives charm, character, and luxury to a property. Aside from the fact that it works with other construction materials, stone can make any property look timeless and can never go out of style.

Stone is a Naturally Cool Material 

Stones are best in hot climates as they are naturally cool. Therefore, they can keep the interiors of your home cooler and more relaxing. 

You Can Make Use of Local Stone

Few projects offer you the opportunity to use stone from your surrounding land. Stone colors and textures differ by region. Using local stone eliminates the costs of transporting stone on site. It is environmentally friendly as well. 

The Cons of Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry is A More Laborious Installation 

Stone is a durable material. However, the process includes a time-consuming and laborious installation process that will need a lot of patience and skill. With this in mind, stone masonry will cost you more as it is both time and physically demanding. 

Stone Can’t Keep You Warm During the Winter

A home built of stone masonry without insulation is surely going to be ice cold during the winter because stones are naturally cold, to begin with. Furthermore, stones do not make a good insulator. Having installation at home plays a factor in keeping a year-round comfort regardless of where you live. 

Stone is Mined

Stones are mined from the ground, which means they harm the environment. It would be ideal to opt for used stone instead, turning an environmentally-taxing option into an eco-friendly one.

The Pros of Brick Masonry

Bricks Are Eco-Friendly 

Bricks are more of an eco-friendly option than other building materials such as wood and stone. This is because bricks are made from the world’s most abundant materials, such as clay and shale. 

Bricks Are Long Lasting and Durable

Similar to stone, bricks are used to build many of the world’s oldest infrastructures still existing today.

Bricks are Low Maintenance

Bricks don’t have to be painted. Aside from the unbeatable color retention of bricks, they are also durable against various types of weather. 

Brick Can Increase Your Hom
e Value

The National Association of Home Builders said that no less than 34% of survey respondents reported they would invest more money for a home made from bricks compared to those built from other materials.


The Cons to Brick Masonry

Bricks are Low Maintenance

Both bricks and stones rely on mortar to keep them together. However, suppose any cracks on mortar are taken for granted. Such pressure will transfer to bricks causing damages and spalling that is more complicated and expensive to fix.

Less Option for Design Variation 

Stone comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and tones. On the other hand, bricks are rather straightforward in terms of shape and color.

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