3 Reasons You Should Leave Masonry Repair to the Professionals

3 Reasons You Should Leave Masonry Repair to the Professionals

Having features of your home made of mortar or stones is a luxury homeowners would like to keep in perfect shape for many years. Yet, even the most durable stone can be broken or damaged. In that case, when do you know it’s time to seek help from the experts? Early signs of deterioration in your stonework may not be easy to identify if you lack the right tools and the eye for it. That’s why knowing the best local masons in your area is essential. Here are three other reasons you should hire professionals in dealing with masonry repairs.

1. It’s a dangerous and difficult task.

Masonry tasks are dangerous and difficult

Masonry is not a job similar to others that require simple steps and equipment to perform. Most of the processes done for masonry repairs need proper preparation, skills, and knowledge of the safety measures taken while doing the work. With an untrained individual doing it alone, masonry issues may worsen. Experts use specialized tools and equipment to ensure the safety and durability of their work. Additionally, if you are not well-trained or aware of how the tools are used, you might end up getting hurt. For instance, climbing up a ladder to reach the dizzying height of masonry work can cause someone to lose their balance while up there and fall off the ground.

2. There may be some underlying issues that need to be fixed.

There may be some underlying issues that need to be fixed

Beyond what our naked eyes see from the outside, masonry repairs and damages may only be observed by people who have been doing the job for years and have received proper training. When you let your trusted professional masonry contractor do the job for you, a thorough inspection will be done, and you will be able to tell what else needs to be fixed. Aside from that, fixing any masonry problem without knowing what to look for can only lead to more damage than repair. Most homeowners fail to realize this until it’s too late. Oftentimes, the small cracks and efflorescence we see on the outside aren’t the primary issue to be repaired. These signs can be just a symptom of foundation problems that require professional help.

3. Doing it yourself costs more money.

Doing it yourself costs more money

As homeowners try to save more money by tackling repairs as DIY projects, they often end up spending more money. Realizing that it’s not practical to take on the risk of climbing up or fixing the issue by yourself comes late in the process, and you simply make everything worse. Doing-it-yourself if definitely ineffective and just a temporary solution to your problem. The amount of money you will spend on the repair of your masonry by hiring a professional is much less than if you attempt to DIY the repair. Buying the DIY repair kits available online for fixing this kind of issue in your home or gathering information from Google is not the answer, nor is simply ignoring the issue.

Get in touch with the best local masonry contractor in South Shore MA today, especially if you noticed any of the following conditions in your stonework:

– Deteriorating Mortar – The material that keeps the bricks together is mortar, the sealant-like paste applied between each brick. It is almost the same as concrete because it starts as wet and soft before becoming hard and dry as it sets. Mortar is gradually worn down by rain, wind, time, and friction. Experts in masonry know effective methods to deal with this kind of issue, such as tuckpointing.

– Cracking and Chipping Stones – Even bricks have an expiration date. This means that over time, bricks may also be prone to bulging, warping, and shifting. When this happens to your masonry, it’s best to call a mason to immediately repair the problem.

– Bulging and Shifting Bricks – cracks, chips, and missing chunks are the common signs that your brick and stonework need professional help. These are symptoms of structural damage that are often due to strong, sudden impacts. If not treated soon after noticing, these cracks, like in glass, can become bigger and more difficult to resolve.

Trust the Hands of Our Experts!

Trust the Hands of Our Masonry Experts

Solving masonry issues and building one for you is our main goal at Masonry Contractors South Shore MA. Our skills, expertise, and knowledge of this kind of work is as sturdy and dependable as the results we produce. No other local masonry contractor in South Shore MA can provide you with the exceptional attention to detail, exquisite workmanship, and affordable rates that we have.

Our team of highly-trained masons offers to assist you in customizing the stonework of your dream, no matter how simple or complex it may be. We’ll inspect your stonework completely from top to bottom to guarantee that no underlying issues will be left unresolved and avoid other problems in your masonry in the next few years to come.

How do we make sure our work is the most durable and the safest? We use up-to-date equipment and tools in every masonry project we take on. Brick masonry repair, crafting, and maintenance is our specialty. Get in touch with us today and call us at 617-944-5565.